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Back To Basics Guided Meditation: For beginners & returning meditation users

A short guided meditation and inspirational video from Jason & friends at Meditation Masters TV. Let go of stress & anxiety and begin to change your life for the better today.


Music: Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Written By Amelia Schmelzer
Voice: Jason Stephenson

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Juliasblues says:

Thank you.


I struggle to sit still and in silence. I fidget constantly. My mentor saying if you have a itch by all mean scratch it but always return your hands to where they initially were. He also shared that if we feel the urge to move our legs or what not then by all means do so? But in my perspective this seems to be weird? What insight can you share?

Robert says:

Yes that is okay of course, don’t force it. Whenever you find yourself getting distracted it is best to gently bring your mind back and focus on your breating. Hope that helps!

Hasanalibaba1337 says:

First time meditating and i must admit, that was an experience i have never had before. Got my mood and mind right, i havent felt this good in years, thanks for the video, really appreciate it!!

Dustin Clark says:

very nice!! just what I needed after a long day!! thank you!!!!!

Miguel A says:

Dear Jason,

I Gladly enjoyed this meditation your voice is so peaceful and relaxing, thank you so much, Should i keep doing this everyday?

Pipebomb X says:

what do I do about itching, will I ruin the meditation if I scratch


Beautiful thank you

Silviu Pantelimon says:

thank you for this video,I've been in so many places! :)

Raymond Coreschi says:

Thank you.

Fiona Mou says:

it seems like massaging my brain and neuro.

sydney harding says:

Thank you for this video! I suffer from anxiety, and as a college student, it makes it very hard to concentrate or even do work because you constantly feel overwhelmed. This video is such a God send because it helps me to keep things in perspective, and it helps me to slow my mind, which is sooooooo calming. Plus, this was my very first meditation exercise. Will make it apart of my daily schedule. God bless you!

Angelica Muñoz says:

I love this video, always works. This is the 1st video meditated too, it felt magical. it relaxes me so much, I am still amazed that I have used it again and again and each time it never fails to relax me. THANK YOU!

Lucky Angel 144 says:

SO BEAUTIFUL & PEACEFUL… SEEN BEAUTIFUL WHITE LIGHT.. LIKE SWIRLS.. Also eyes.. Don't know what that means.. PLZ ADVISE… SO MANY MAGICAL THINGS HAVE HAPPENED TO ME SINCE 4-20.. SEEING GODS FACE & TWO RAINBOW IMAGES.. I took pics.. Feeling a presence on my left back shoulder… Spoke to someone more intuitive than Me.. GAVE ME READING.. Said.. HE SEES BIG WINGS.. & I SHOULD KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.. & YES.. AN ANGEL.. So much more.. Don't have anyone to share my experiences with.. For if I tell anyone.. THEY WILL THINK IM NUTS.. THANK YOU JASON.. Here is my email.. [email protected].. Sending Love & LIGHT

Ally AJ says:

That felt…. amazing….
I could explore my mind and concentrate on the nothingness… it was so nice.
My body was twitching, though. Not unpleasant or anything, just twitching. Does anyone else experience this? It is my first time really meditating.

Summer Holycross says:

wow this worked so well! i felt so strange and tingly and completely still and my mind really was clear. i loved it. thank you.

Vladimir Noel says:

what the name of the music please

Yatesy says:

Should I listen to this every day? I'm guessing that is the best way to benefit from this and meditation.

DJ Papa John says:

I somewhat feel relaxed, but even with my eyes closed they keep moving and twitching which is taking me out of a total state relaxation.
Also should I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth?

Lore Karizma says:

I was so relaxed it felt like the video lasted only 2 minutes

gooshimin L.A. says:

Hi Jason,

I had come across one of your Beginner's Meditation Guide Video's by chance and I am blessed because of it. I have much gratitude for your time and efforts to Record and Post them.
*I have tried a few other similar Video's over the past many years and none of them stuck with me. But your Video's have. The one I use right now is so perfect for me, ease, shorter of time, soft kind voice I find easy to trust so I open up and go with you through the sitting. I have plans for watching othe

Simon37 says:

Im 21 now, but I always used to get lost my thoughts and hold myself back because of limiting beliefs, in a way that made me feel like i was still 16. but I've been using your videos twice a day for a month now and i genuinely feel like a new person, like I've shed an old layer of skin. Thank you for this gift, Jason

Isa J says:

new to this. I just subscribed and I'm hoping to relax since I've been very stressed out and negative. Lots of self-doubt happening. Glad I found your channel.

Andrea Rodriguez says:

need me some basics :p

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