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5 Tips For Surviving Finals Week

School can be stressful too, not least when your finals are just around the corner. An editorial in the Nevada Sagebrush has 5 tips to keep in mind in order to ace those tests:

  1. Excercise
  2. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or hot shower
  3. Make lists
  4. Eat good food
  5. Study!

Studying isn’t everything, as outlined in the full article (link below). Or as they summarize it:

The most important thing is to remember that, no matter how bad things seem now, in two weeks this will all be over. Congratulations to those who graduate and good luck to the rest of you poor saps who have to do this all over again next semester. May your grades be good, your anxiety quiet and the overwhelming panic kept at bay at least for a little while.

Reblogged from: Nevada Sagebrush


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